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Tradition, Trust, Quality.

The only reliable and successful method constitutes the level of service beyond expectations. At Suisse Légiste we know this perfectly well.

~ Jerzy Mazurek CEO

About us

Suisse Légisteis is a professional debt recovery company, since 2011 enjoying the trust of our Clients who appreciate our non-standard and individual approach, high effectiveness and full engagement in the ordered cases. Presently, Suisse Légiste forms a group of companies which specialize in debt recovery (professional debt management), purchase of mass-scale debts and legal counseling. We are granted with the debts of companies from the telecommunication, energy and financial industry, such as: banks, the SKOK institutions, loan companies, guarantee funds, loan funds and companies that sell goods on installment credits, manufacturers, transport companies and whole sale companies. Our business is based on a simple principles. We work to satisfy our Clients.

Suisse Légiste Group


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Telecommunications Sector

National Debt Exchange

The National Debt Exchange is one of the largest private debts exchanges in Poland. Debtors reported to the National Debt Exchange shall remain listed until the moment of complete re-payment. The published economic information are publically available and may have direct influence on the debtors’ reliability and perceiving them in society. In order to report a Debor, it is necessary to visit the Exchange.


Good and stable results are no coincidence
Achieve today the highest reimbursement of capital with possibly lowest market risk.

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Suisse Légiste Group is on the lookout for ambitious, diligent people craving for success. We set out new directions in debt collection, we transform the industry by delivering excellent-quality services and innovative solutions, we win the market as among our clients there are the largest representatives of the economy’s main sectors, we aspire to be the leader in debt recovery services, and we pursue this aim with great determination. Join the elite. Welcome.



„Excellent companies take on the risks, but not every risk. The risk must be taken on in the interest of the client. Our sole task is to ensure the success for the Client.”

~ Jerzy Mazurek CEO


Our Clients are generating mass claims Polish and foreign companies whose clients are both natural persons and business. Our Clients are the leaders in their branches, the key representatives of main sectors of economy. The services of Suisse Légiste Group are used by the greatest representatives of energy, chemical, bank, food and financial sector, including the greatest insurance undertakings, lending companies, lending funds, guarantee funds, companies that sell goods in the instalment regime, but also construction, manufacturing, telecommunication companies and state, municipal institutions. It means everybody who above all value the quality, business culture, reliance and modernity. Due to the highest quality of the services provided, the total customization of recovery processes and gained experience, Suisse Légiste achieves very high effectiveness. Suisse Légiste enjoys ever growing confidence among the Clients, which is best certified by the growing number of key Clients and the references issued for us (available on request).

This success has also been achieved due to the influence of our Employees who form a qualified team of the highest class professionals. We operate in a financial branch and in this branch the most important are people, because it is them who create an excellent company, which is Suisse Légiste.